As one of the eight projects to finish in 2022, creation of this website is part of project “Digital Platforms” where the goal is to integrate the content of this website with the dynamic and content on our two Facebook pages.

Project goal:

GBBF visible on the web to promote the forum, including a proper business Directory and Social Media Channels.

This website will contain more “static” content such as summaries of our monthly meetings, progress of the different projects and other business forum relevant subjects.

Static because on our Facebook pages, content is more dynamic. The Gordon’s Bay Business Forum Community page (a group page, powered by the GBBF) is the place where businesses can meet, exchange information, post ads and leave comments on posts. You must become a member of this group page to post or comment.

Not only GBBF members can join (as a member) this group page, other businesses somehow related to Gordon’s Bay can also join this group. GBBF members, however, have more priviliges like frequently post ads.

The Gordon’s Bay Business Forum page is the official page to post on behalf of the forum such as announcements or updates, often linked to content on this website.

For GBBF members only, this website has a Business Directory where businesses can leave their business profile and contact details. This is a free service and businesses can maintain their own listing.

For many years the domain was redirected to maintained by Marla Nortje her team from

I would like to thank Marla for her efforts.