One of the benefits of being a member of the Gordon’s Bay Business Forum (GBBF) is that you can have your business listed on this website, FOR FREE.

Your business listing on this website will be public and automatically be indexed by several search engines like Google and Bing and drive traffic to your own website or social media page that you refer to on the listing.

Please read our Privacy Policy with regards to listings  and most important, the specific section at Terms of Use on this website.

To list your business in the Business Directory of the Gordon’s Bay Business Forum, you need to do a few steps which are detailed below.

  1.  Create an account
  2. Add a Listing
  3. Enter your business profile and details
  4. Set your address on the map
  5. Add some pictures

1) Create an account

You need to be registered to create a business listing. With your account you can not only add one or more listings, you can also update your listing(s).

To create an account, choose <Login> in the right upper corner if you are working on a desktop or at the bottom in the “mobile” menu, also known as the “hamburger” menu.

Fill in your details and click on <CREATE ACCOUNT> and you will see the following screen to <LOGIN> and you have received a confirmation email.

From here, the real action starts wink


2) Add a Listing

After you have logged in you will find a menu in the sidebar on the right or scroll down when you work on your cell phone. There is a button <Add Listing> and if you click it will give you the option to add a Listing or an Event. Both work the same way.

A new screen will open and you can enter your listing details:

  • Place Title: name of your business
  • Place Description: profile of your business
  • Tags: you can skip this
  • Category: choose the category that fits your business
  • Default Category: is automatically generated from Category

3) Enter your business profile and details

You are almost there. Now comes the somewhat tricky part, entering the address. There are two ways to enter your address. The first one is filling the field Address with your address as you can see in the example below or scroll down to the map and drag the pointer on the map to the correct location.

4) Set your address on the map

In case you use the first option, click on <Set Address On Map> to let the system automatically fill the remaining fields and setting the pin on the correct place.

If you used option 2 – dragging the pin on the map – you will see that the corresponding address is filled into the fields.

You are almost there. Next step is to finish off with some pictures.

5) Add some pictures

Final step is showing off your business with some nice picture. You can either use <Select Files> to browse on your device or just drag pictures to this section. Don’t use pictures that are to small (under 300 pixels) and not too big (over 1,000 pixels). The pictures will be shown as thumbnails on your listing but if someone clicks on a picture on your listing, they will see the picture enlarged.

Hooray! You are done! Your Listing is submitted and pending approval from an admin.