Gordon’s Bay: The future is in our hands.

My formative years were spent in East London and Grahamstown at boarding school. I later spent 36 years in Gauteng where I practiced as an optometrist and Optometry advisor to a major medical aid administrator. My wife and I had a desire for a better work / life balance that the coast offers, and to be closer to care for my aging mother in Somerset West. We moved to the Heart of the Cape in 2013.

I am now an independent consultant helping individuals grow their capital by granting access to the loan-asset offered by BC Funding Solutions, and currently still advise the medical aid administrator as an external consultant. We are still renovating the old house we bought 7 years ago.

Gordon’s Bay offers the most incredibly lifestyle opportunities. Where else can you walk on the beach while you soak in the grandeur of the mountains. Two harbours, hiking trails, eateries and awesome ocean activities. Plus! We are a hop, skip and jump away from an unending array of other leisure opportunities in the vicinity. My favourite is the swim from Main beach to the Old Harbour and back. 

To become more involved in the local community I joined the Business Forum in 2020, joining the Exco in November 2020, and was elected Chairman in September 2021. We are a business community, founded in 2013 by some dedicated local business people, with a mission to promote Gordon’s Bay Business and Businesses. It is the home of the most inspiring, talented and passionate business owners and operators you may have the good fortune to meet!

Tourism is the most obvious business in Gordon’s Bay, but is completely symbiotic with all other businesses in the town. Just as the rising tide raises all boats in the harbour, any promotion of business in GB benefits each individual business, and visa verse. This is why my mantra is to promote business and businesses in Gordon’s Bay. The Business Forum is the hub for motivated business owners and operators to promote business in general, and their own businesses. By combining resources we motivate the City of Cape Town to develop infrastructure to optimise business in GB, identify opportunities, leverage promotion of business, support each other, and generally make Gordon’s Bay a better place to live and do business.

To achieve this we have created action teams to empower those with a talent and passion for specific areas of interest to effect real change and growth. We are the conduit for coordinated change. We will be tapping into local talent to speak on topics relevant to business that will inspire and challenge us to do and be more. As has been said “to go quickly, go alone. To go far, go together”. Let us know how you would like to contribute to local business, and we will connect you to the right action team.

The tide has already begun to rise, with new members joining the Forum, and existing members joining forces with other members to promote business. Many ideas have been volunteered and will soon come to life. You will see that our website and Facebook pages have been refreshed, and there’s more to come.

I see the Forum as the hub through which local businesses find inspiration, direction, partners, mentors, resources and support. Not only will Gordon’s Bay be a sought-after holiday destination, but a sought-after destination for new business, business people able to work remotely and light industry to provide employment for the local population.  The Village will start reflecting the new vitality and life in the Bay!

Join up with us as we meet every first Tuesday evening of the month, share your thoughts and ideas for what we can do as a community to take Gordon’s Bay and businesses in Gordon’s Bay to new heights. We will do all we can to make the right connections and speak to the right people to make it happen!

Candice Daniels
Author: Candice Daniels