Gordon's Bay Business Forum

We are making a difference

Gordon's Bay Business Forum

We are making a difference

Gordon's Bay Business Forum

We are making a difference

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About the Business Forum

The Gordon’s Bay Business Forum (GBBF) is open to all businesses in Gordon’s Bay and was founded in Gordon’s Bay through the initiative of Peter Venter and Danie Miller who was elected as Chairman. We currently have around 80 members which consist of a variety of businesses in the Gordon’s Bay area.

We greatly appreciate your input and efforts in the activities and events of the Forum and encourage members to get actively involved. The Forum is a registered non profit organisation – number 103-838 NPO.

Regular meetings

to discuss issues affecting businesses in particular and the town in general. We then present a united view to local, provincial and national government.

Interaction with other business people

Close interaction with other business people in the area through the monthly general meetings and network lunches.

Advertising opportunity for members

Free advertising opportunity for our members on our facebook page.

Promoting Tourism to Gordon’s Bay and listing opportunities

Promotion of tourism to Gordon’s Bay (“Our Little Secret”) and listing opportunity. Have a look at www.gordonsbay.travel and get listed or visit the Gordon’s Bay Tourism Facebook page.

Happening Now

GBBF new website

GBBF new website

As one of the eight projects to finish in 2022, creation of this website is part of project "Digital Platforms" where the goal is to integrate the content of this website with the dynamic and...

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Why you should join the Gordon’s Bay Business Forum

Discuss where we want to be positioned

Join forces to achieve the success we deserve

Think about how we can contribute to the end goal

Enjoy the rewards and success that collective effort can achieve

Become a member of the Gordon’s Bay Business Forum

We have meetings every (*) first Tuesday of the month

(* not during festive season)

The purpose of the Forum shall be to provide business people, inter alia, a platform to:

  • exchange ideas;
  • to promote and improve business in the Gordon’s Bay area;
  • to formulate policy;
  • to consult with the authorities;
  • not only to preserve, but also to improve the village atmosphere;
  • and generally to make Gordon’s Bay a more attractive place in which to live and to do business, for business people, residents and the general public.

R400 / annum

We need your support!

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You may want to read the GBBF Constitution here.

Become a member and join the team

The Forum acts through an independent legal persona as a non-profit organization for the benefit of its members. Our activities are governed by an adopted constitution.

Our financial year ends on the last day of February each year.

The highest decision making body is an annual general meeting of members which is held once a year, within 3 months of the year end. This meeting elects the members of the executive committee, approve changes to the constitution and decide on major policies of the Forum.

The executive committee is responsible for the management of the business of the Forum and meets on a monthly basis.

The executive committee may appoint portfolio holders to co-ordinate and manage certain activities of the Forum.

If we all make a concerted effort to support our local entrepreneurs it will directly uplift and benefit our geographical area. ‘Support Local’ and Gordon’s Bay and its people will reap the rewards. It is my vision for all local Business Owner’s to make an active effort to support each other’s businesses. This is the way forward for us to grow our businesses with success!”

- Danie Miller

Co founder GBBF


As members of the Gordon’s Bay Business Forum we commit ourselves to the following:

  1. We will strive to deliver efficient services
  2. We will endeavour to improve Gordon’s Bay and its image
  3. We will be honest and ethical in all our dealings with others, which we will conduct with integrity
  4. We will not take part in any corruption or bribery
  5. We subscribe to Constitution of the Gordon’s Bay Business Forum and in particular, will promote its objectives

Our associate members

Portfolio & Projects


Digital Platforms

Team lead: Peter van der Gugten

GBBF visible on the web to promote the forum, including a proper business Directory and Social Media Channels

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Team lead: Vacancy

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Team lead: Anton Gerber

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Major Projects

Team lead: Rik Ruiters

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Team lead: Candice Daniels

Marketing Strategy

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Networking / Members

Team lead: Antony Barker

Strategy to build inter-business networking and cross referral

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Team lead: Jeanette Loring

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Team lead: Juanita Wilson

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